My tale

A life full of wonders is a wonderful life.

Blue bouquet

Leaving behind office-bound life in 2011, I followed my nose to the flower capital of the world - Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Before coming to Amsterdam I didn't conceive that working with beautiful flowers everyday was a possible career path (I'd gone down the classic path of school followed by uni). However, this was the place where I could turn my dreams into a reality.

A lucky break saw me learning the floristry trade in a boutique flower shop within the charming narrow streets of the city's old canals. With the world's largest flower auction just outside the city (20 million flowers are sold there each day), Amsterdam was the perfect place to lose myself in flowers.

A year later a job opportunity arose in London, where the possibility of flowers beyond bouquets and into decadent parties, society weddings and home styling, became part of my daily work life.

The following year I found myself back in Amsterdam working for "Master-florists'" (who knew!), where once again my eyes were opened to the wonders of flowers, with fashion showroom styling, giant floral installations and themed pop-up shops.

New Zealand, however, has never been far from my mind and in mid-2014 I knew it was time to return home. This is how FLOWERHEAD was born.

Natalie-Rose x